37 agreements listed

This database reflects work in progress. Unlike the other categories of agreements collected in this database, pipeline agreements are mostly plurilateral agreements. The interactive map – which at this stage represents bilateral agreements – reports the exporter and importer of the hydrocarbons transported by pipeline. The complete list of State parties (including the transit States) is reported in the Agreements Table.

Models of Cooperation

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unitization

Energy Activities

  • Transportation by Pipeline (Oil&Gas)
  • Joint Development (Oil&Gas)
  • Joint Development (Hydropower)
  • Information Exchange for Peaceful Purposes (Nuclear Energy)
  • Information Exchange re Safety and Environmental Impact (Nuclear Energy)
  • Technical and Financial Assistance (Nuclear Fuel)
  • Cooperation (Energy Sector)
  • Research & Development (Green Tech, Nuclear Energy Tech)